big dexGame push

This thanksgiving break, I got my nerd on and made some good progress on fundamentals for ol' 'dexgame'. The following boring-plumbing-things are in place (first passes..) so its shaping up to look like a real game:


On the player spawning stuff, I thought I was done a long time ago initially before I dug out a real second machine and tried it. I was slapped with reality and all sorts of bizzarre stuff was wrong. At first, players would spawn but have no control (this was caused by not tying a model to a controller). Then the first player in the server controlled ALL clients, which was moderately funny.

Finally, I got it working and I was greeted by my placeholder player model collapsed completely into its head. So I have replaced it with cylinderdudette (tm). It turns out getting not-shitty feeling movement in a rigid body physics based engine is easier said than done, but I got something OK going.

Call me old, but coming from the source engine which has two weapon models - an explicit one for first person model, and world model (view_model / world_model), it was very convienent just gluing a single model to the player on a mount and then transforming it a bit in the player view. Marvel at my first person model for a rocket launcher. Accepting offers for s1ck 3D gfx artist


The rocket was par for the course with a backwards quad effect for the flame:

first rocket

However it is all spawning in game, working, moving around etc, so its getting fun

November 26, 2017 ยท dexgame

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