Github activity

Here’s a simple list of reasons why you shouldn’t use someone’s github profile activity for any indication of anything whatsoever!

github squares

  1. Working at $BIGCORP - It’s common to have an enterprise install that is firewalled, airgapped or often both.
  2. Alternatives. Only recently did github offer free private repos. Bitbucket, Gitlab, etc, etc..
  3. Don’t use git - Yes, we know git is awesome but people get along perfectly fine with svn, cvs, …
  4. Decentralized development/email - Some of the most popular open source software in the world is developed over email.
  5. Only use for personal projects - some people use github only for personal projects they poke at rarely and thats OK.
  6. Only use for work - conversly some may only use for work tasks, or only some repos, etc etc. Some of the highest energy development efforts do not end up in repos, like planning and meetings.
  7. Other things I’m forgetting
  8. Bonus! My profile shows different green squares when logged in versus private tab. I have show private contributions on ..

Just because someone doesn’t have a wall of green tiles cranking out javascript everyday for a bunch of hip organizations doesn’t mean they’re not a super active developer somewhere else.

This is ranty but I sometime see connotations from github activity (particulary some low bar recruiters) and it is really disappointing to treat a single web gadget as some sort of pissmeter.

April 8, 2019

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